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Nubile Films comes from the same brilliant crew that brought us the site Nubiles. The concept here is similar, but it has much more of a hardcore edge to it. Where Nubiles focuses more of the softcore aspects of the teen models, Nubile Films takes those same sexy girls and lets us watch as they get their brains fucked out. We see these teen hotties get nailed by their personal trainers, fucking their boyfriends, hooking up with guys they just met online and having sex with other girls among many other scenarios. The scene where a sexy girl hires a private yoga teacher and ends up getting fucked while bent over an exercise ball is a perfect example of how Nubile Films brings plenty of hardcore action and yet maintains that very erotic nature. The eroticism comes from the fact that they pair the girls up with people that they have real chemistry with so there is attraction and passion in the scenes as they unfold. The production values are second to none with HD videos and crystal clear pictures. Fans of teen hardcore sex will love what they see here. The Nubiles team redefined the teen porn once before and now they are doing it again only this time in the hardcore world.

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